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Last month, I had the honor of planning a Rock star themed birthday party for a fabulous five year old at the Kidswork Children’s Museum in Frankfort, IL and it was amazing!

Jillian blowing out her candles
The cake….
Imagine Theater was definitely the highlight for the kids! 
Every rockstar needs their own “step and repeat”! 

So this got me to thinking….. what a genius idea, host your child’s birthday party at a museum designed specifically for them! All of these locations have a private party room and also allows guests access to the facility so the children ( and adults) can explore and create to their hearts desire!
This idea works best for your school aged child, and with so many activities for them, you never have to worry about party activities!

Here are a few of my favorite museums:

Chicago Children’s Museum at Navy Pier

Kohl Children’s Museum in Glenview, IL

Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum in Chicago

Make sure you check with the specific museum you are interested in regarding outside food, drink and decorations, most, if not all allow outside food and drink in the party rooms.

Do you have any unique party places you and your child enjoy? Let me know in the comments below!!



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