5 Reasons Brunch Weddings are AWESOME!



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As I sit here enjoying a mimosa and lox and bagels, I can’t help but think about how underrated brunch weddings are. True, evening weddings are great and who doesn’t like to party until dawn but for those of you who desire something a bit out of the box, a bit more intimate and more cost effective,  let’s talk about why a brunch wedding is just as awesome! 

Availability is better.  Holding a reception between 9a-3p and (possibly) during the week will allow you to save costs on venue, catering and other decor rentals you may need.

Brunch Weddings are more intimate. A daytime brunch wedding reception will allow you to keep your guest list low, so you can spend more time with closest friends and family! 

The bar options are greater. Between mimosa bars, omelet bars, and pancake/french toast/waffle bars, the food options your guests get are greater than a ” one plate per person” dinner option. 

You can still have an after party.  If you are still aching for a good #TurnUp session with all your homies, holding an intimate brunch reception gives you the freedom to enjoy a night out on the town for those guests that either weren’t able to attend the wedding or your out of town guests who you want to show a night on the town! 

and greatest reason brunch weddings are awesome…..

MIMOSAS. Enough said! 

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  1. Jessica McDaniel says:

    Mimosas are my favorite so that’s enough reason for me to want a brunch reception! All the other reasons are great, but MIMOSAS, c’mon! That’s the best part of the weekend. 🙂

  2. CHW says:

    My daughter had an outdoor brunch wedding this summer and it was awesome! Brunch food is much cheaper, fun and different…I highly suggest it.

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