What you should and shouldn’t expect from your Wedding Planner!



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Happy #WeddingWednesday loves! 

I know last week, I gave you some tips for hiring a Day of Coordinator  and today I want to talk about what happens you sign on the dotted line! As a planner, I want to make sure you know to expect and not to expect! 

1. Expect that your planner has your best interest at heart.  It is our job to make sure your vision comes to life, so trust the advice we give you while helping you plan your wedding! 

2: Expect that your planner will guide you through the planning process as seamlessly as possible. You obviously hired a planner because you realize you couldn’t do everything yourself, so make sure you allow us to guide you through each step and not rush the process. I get it, you’re excited and ready for the Big Day, just relax and enjoy each moment! 

3: Expect open and honest communication from your planner; they aren’t mind readers. Make sure you communicate with us with any concerns as they come up, and know that we are equipped with the expertise to tackle any situation and solve it for you! 

4: Don’t expect your Wedding Planner to be your slave. Just because you are paying for a service, doesn’t mean you “own” us….. enough said.

5: Expect that your Wedding Day will be flawless! We work hard to make sure your day is everything you’ve dreamed of, so let us take care of any hiccups that may come and you just enjoy your day! 

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XOXO, Amber 



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