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Happy #WeddingWednesday loves! 

Day of Coordination (DOC) is great for couples who want a professional (keyword: PROFESSIONAL) to manage their wedding day and make sure things go smoothly….. At least, that’s what is supposed to happen! I want to make sure that before you hire a Day of Coordinator, you are set up for success! 

Now, before you actually hire your DOC, ask yourself why are you choosing to hire only for ‘Day of’  instead of Full Planning? I have dealt with several brides who all said they “thought” planning the wedding themselves would be fun or they could “save money” by only hiring a DOC, and they just ended up stressed out and wishing they had hired a full time planner! Sit down and be honest about what you both want, what you have time to handle and make your decision for a planner based on that. 

Once you hire a DOC, please don’t think you can be sneaky and trick them into doing all the work! The point of you hiring a DOC was that YOU would essentially do the planning, and the coordinator comes in to tie up loose ends and manage your wedding day…… If you realize that things are getting overwhelming, talk to your coordinator and be honest! We would rather you tell us where you are.  We are more than willing to make adjustments to our agreement; and yes, while it may cost you a bit more money, but that’s better than losing your sanity! 

One last thing….. there is a reason why every Wedding Planner I know recommends 3-6 months prior to the wedding as the time to work together. Think about it, do you REALLY want to turn your entire Wedding Day, the day you’ve planned and dreamed of ( maybe your entire life) over to a person you just met while you’re getting dressed to walk down the aisle?! Yeah, I didn’t think so! Those last 6-8 weeks are important, it’s a chance for your planner to make sure everything you dreamt of WILL actually happen and that all contracts and logistics are in place. Trust us, we know what we’re doing! 

I hope these few tips set you up for success on your quest for hosting your dream wedding! Over the next few weeks, I’m going to give you some tips on the best questions to ask before you hire your vendors! 

Until Next Time! 

XOXO, Amber 


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