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Happy Wedding Wednesday loves! 

One of the biggest regrets I see couples make is not investing in their wedding photography. One of the most important investments ( besides hiring a Wedding Planner) is hiring a photographer who not only is professional but who also creates images that will reflect the style that you and your fiance will love and enjoy for years to come. 

Today, I want to give you some important questions to ask a photographer before hiring them to ensure you’re getting your monies worth! 

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First things first, you need to know what YOU want in your images. SO ask yourself: 

  •  What kind of photographs do you want?

    • Portraits- posed images, taken in a studio

    • Formal- traditional and posed images

    • Candid- informal and not posed images

    • Photojournalistic/ Documentary- images that are taken to create a journal of the day, not posed

    • Creative/Editorial- images taken in a particular style to look like they came from a celebrity or fashion magazine

    • Black and White or Sepia tone

    • When do you want the photographer to be present? Would you like to have the entire day captured, from getting dressed until the last dance, or just ceremony and reception?

    • How do you plan to use the photographs? In traditional or digital photo frames? In albums or given out on cds/dvds? 

With all of the stress and excitement of your wedding day, you want to make sure you hire a photographer who will be able to capture the special moments to help you remember your special day and share it with others. When hiring your photographer, it’s important to feel at ease with them, and comfortable that they get who you and your fiance are a couple and will produce the images and look you desire. 

Next post, it’s all about the dance party! I’ll be giving you tips for hiring musicians and/or DJ’s for your wedding. 

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