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Happy Wedding Wednesday loves! 

Did you know that before I entered the world of Wedding Planning, I was a dancer?! I was a professional dancer for YEARS so music is in my blood! I am known to break out at a dance party at any given moment so this is one of my favorite posts to write. 

Events With Ambiance- Amber K. Sanders- Chicago Wedding Planner


The first thing to think about, do you want a DJ or live band? Both are great options, so let’s talk about the differences between the two: 

DJ vs. Live Musicians

Hire a DJ because: 

  • DJ’s can provide a greater variety of music than live musicians

  • You want to make sure that your favorite songs sound the way you are used to hearing them 

  • You want almost continuous music; live musicians will need breaks

  • There is a limited amount of floor space at your reception venue

  • You are on a limited budget

Hire live musicians because: 

  • Live music is more exciting, and more people are likely to dance

  • All of the music will follow the same style ( jazz, reggae, blues, rock), which is essential if you are hosting a theme wedding

  • You aren’t likely to hear a style of music that you don’t like

Here are some things you may want to know before hiring a DJ or live musician that may make your decision easier: 

  • Do you want to hire them for the ceremony? If so, and you are using a place of worship, have you gotten clearance for them to perform there? 

  • What type of music do you want during your ceremony? 

  • Will the DJ or musicians need to accompany any vocalists during the ceremony? 

  • What mood do you want at your reception? Subdued and romantic or Dance Dance Revolution?

  • What songs do you want to be played?

  •  What songs do you NOT want to be played? 

  • When do you want music played, and do you have special songs you want to hear during special moments ( ie. cake cutting, toasts, bouquet and garter toss)

  • Do you want the DJ or band leader to be the master of ceremonies? 


I know this is a lot to think about, but if you know what type of wedding you want your guests to enjoy, the choice is easy! 

Until Next Time, 

XOXO, Amber 




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