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As a Wedding Coordinator, I often hear couples main frustration about planning and one of the stressors they feel is a sense they have to confirm all the wedding details right away! Well I’m here to put those stresses at easy and share with you the 4 step planning process i walk my clients through. By breaking up the process, couples feel more organized and more at ease with the planning process!



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The first phase of planning is just that- Planning! Before you can get into the details of your wedding day, you’ll want to start withe these key items:

  1. Budget

  2. Venue Selection

  3. Vendor Selection

Your wedding budget determines everything about your wedding day, so it is imperative you and your partner sit down and decide what you want to prioritize on your wedding day- what are your must have’s vs. don’t wants? Pick your top 3 and let that guide your wedding budget.

Once you’ve set your budget, you can move on to booking the wedding venue and vendor team. I generally recommend you make sure these key vendors are hired within the first 3 months of planning- venue, coordinator, caterer, photographer, videographer, florist, decor rentals, officiant and cake/desserts.







Now that you’ve set your budget, and confirmed your venue & wedding team, let’s get into the next phase! The design phase is where we start to piece together the elements that make your wedding an EVENT WITH AMBIANCE, so ask yourself, what emotions do I want I want my guests to feel on my wedding day?

Every sense( sight, touch, taste, smell and hearing) should be heightened during each aspect of your day- ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception!

During the design phase, you are looking to book vendors like staging, custom lighting, draping, specialty linens, stationary and paper goods, etc. The wedding party should also finalize their day of outfits, shoes and accessories for purchase.

Generally, clients who book my Event Management plus Design service, this is where I step in. I work with my clients to create a custom design board that will act a guide for the hired vendors to bring the visual aspects of the wedding day together.



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This phase is where the puzzle pieces start to come together! For the clients who book my Event Management service, this is where I enter in and work my magic. I am working closely with the vendor team and venue to create a day of timeline that works with everyone’s requests and the hours you’ve booked with the venue.

Once a draft timeline is created, I schedule one final meeting with my couples to discuss any last minute details, questions from the vendor team and coordinate final logistics.



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Finally, we’ve come to the final phase of our planning process- Execution!

During the wedding week, final timelines are sent out, details are triple confirmed, the wedding rehearsal is set and my goal is to encourage my couples to relax, enjoy quality time with family and friends coming into town and take care of any last minute prep for their wedding night, honeymoon or move they may have scheduled after the wedding day.

On wedding day, my team is onsite a minimum of 12-14 hours. I found it didn’t serve couples to give them the option of choosing how many hours of service they need when I know the general time needed to properly execute a flawless wedding day!

My only focus during wedding week is to take any unnecessary tasks off my couples plates so they can focus on being in the present and cherishing the new memories that will be created!



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Are you or someone you know planning a wedding and want to talk with a professional to avoid the overwhelm and stress of wedding planning?

Contact me today for a complimentary consultation, I am here to help!


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A lot of moving pieces go into planning your wedding day  and we know it's easy to feel like a hot mess! Grab our free guide to my four step process to planning your wedding like a pro! 

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A lot of moving pieces go into planning a wedding day timeline and we know it can be overwhelming! Grab our free guide to my Four Step Planning Process! 

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