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Hey loves! 

If there is one thing I love, it’s a wedding “tradition”. I think there is something so beautiful about honoring a tradition that brides have shared for generations, even if you don’t know where it started or why you want to do it! 

Instead of sharing the same classic wedding traditions we all know and love, I want to share some twists on wedding traditions that will give your wedding the AMBIANCE it needs! 

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1. Instead of wearing a classic white dress, wear a colorful dress or a bold two-piece outfit. 

Your wedding should be about your personal style, your sass, your fashionista flair! Since your special day is the one day that is all about you, why not show it off with bridal attire that is bold and shows your personality?! 

2. Instead of swaying for a classic first dance, take dance lessons and learn a choreographed ballroom dance! 

I was a ballroom dance instructor for Arthur Murray Dance Studios a few years before I transitioned into wedding planning, and I have to say, my favorite couples to work with were the ones who came in wanting to WOW their guests with their first dance! You can learn a sexy tango, an electric salsa, or a romantic rumba! Dance lessons are also a great way for you and your fiance to spend time together and decompress from all the wedding stress! 

3. Instead of having a bouquet toss or garter catch, just….. don’t. 

One of the most cringe worthy moments of the weddings I’ve worked on is the bouquet toss and garter catch. Women are literally tackling each other for a flower and the men can’t get out of he way fast enough to avoid catching the garter! Instead, why not do an anniversary dance and the longest married couple left? You can present the wife with your bouquet. The other option is to not do anything…. I guarantee your guests won’t be upset! 

4. Instead of cutting the cake and feeding it to each other, have a dessert or candy bar.

I love cake as much as the next person, and wedding cake?! Sign me up! But you and your love may love several types of dessert, or there is a dessert that is special to your family or culture that your guests may not enjoy; so why not offer several treats for your guests? In addition, you can set up the dessert bar with takeout boxes so they double as wedding favors! WIN WIN!! 

5. Instead of having your bridesmaids wearing the same dress, allow them to choose their own dress in a similar color palette. 

Bridesmaids can spend upwards of $2,500 on their friends weddings between shower gifts, bachelorette parties, engagement gifts, hair and makeup, pre wedding attire and attire for the wedding day. Unless you are going to pay for all of your ladies dresses, a fantastic gesture would be to allow them to choose a silhouette they feel most comfortable in, you choose the color palette, length and fabric choices. What a way to let you show your #GirlSquad rocks!! 


Comment and Share this post if you see any tips you like or if you need help putting a twist on your own wedding tradition. 

Until Next Time, 

XOXO, Amber 


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