5 Ways to Host a Personable and Memorable Wedding



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Hey loves! 

Weddings have always been seen as a time for love, fun and the bringing together of family. At Events With Ambiance, I always strive to create weddings that embody all of those things AND are personable and memorable to the couple. I’ve decided to share a few tips of how you can make your wedding a bit more YOU! 

1. Create a wedding theme

I LOVE LOVE LOVE a wedding theme! Now, I’m not talking like, everyone dress up in costume type theme, I’m talking creating a cohesive theme so that everything your guests taste, smell, see, hear and touch go together! Some examples are: you and your love enjoy Italian food and are going to Italy for the honeymoon. Your wedding can incorporate a Make Your Own Pasta station at the reception and your favors are limoncello ( an Italian liqueur) or you host your wedding at a local winery! 

2. Get married on a wedding date memorable to you and your family.  

Hosting your wedding on the same day as your parent’s or grandparents wedding dates, or on a special day for you makes your wedding more personable ( and also helps you remember your wedding anniversary, LOL!) 

3. Wear a tailored version of your mother ( or grandmother’s dress)

One of the things I absolutely love is when a bride wears their mother or grandmother’s wedding dress. There is nothing more personal and sentimental than wearing the dress of the woman who gave you life. Now, if the silhouette doesn’t work for you, you can certainly take the dress to a tailor to adjust the fit to your specifications.   

4. Give out personalized wedding favors

Does your grandmother have an amazing cookie recipe or your aunt grow flowers? Share these special treats with your guests by offering them as personalized wedding favors. 90% of the wedding favors that guests receive end up in the garbage ( sorry!) so why not gift your guests with something that they will remind them of the amazing time they had at your wedding with a personal take away! 

5. Create a signature cocktail or serve your favorite food at the reception. 

Are you both bourbon fans? Then have your bar create a a specialty bourbon based cocktail for the reception. You can also create “His and Hers” cocktails to be passed during cocktail hour based on your favorite liquors and taste palettes. 


I would love to hear from you in the comments and find out, are you planning to do anything for your wedding to make it more memorable and personable? 

Until Next Time, 

XOXO, Amber 


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