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After 10 years in business and my decision in the last 5 years to focus solely on Wedding Day Coordination, I have come to learn there are parts of my process that couples want to understand better.

Most couples are surprised to learn that from the moment they hire me for Wedding Day Management, I don’t just show up a week before their wedding and take over, rather I start the coordination process right away regardless if they hire me a year or 3 months out! It is my goal to make every couple feel supported in the planning process and empowered to make their wedding vision unique to their love story.

So, let’s get into how the coordination process to help you decide if a full service planner versus wedding coordinator is the best fit for you!

My process with couples begins with breaking down my Four Step Planning Process so they don’t feel overwhelmed working through the beginning stages of planning by themselves.

The 4 Step Process is – Planning, Designing, Coordinating & Executing.

By breaking down the wedding planning process into manageable bites, couples feel more at ease and confident of their decision to hire me to be apart of their wedding day!

Couples who hire me for Wedding Day Coordination are looking for a professional to assist them in handling the details of their wedding day, they are confident in the big picture but don’t want to spend their wedding weekend dealing with the logistics of the wedding.

That problem is solved by coming in 4 months prior to the wedding to confirm all wedding day logistics, create a day of timeline and coordinate the needs of the other wedding pro team!

My process looks a bit like this:

  • The first coordination call is to discuss and confirm wedding team pros who have already been hired, who still needs to be hired and go through an overview of how the day can flow

  • The second call we discuss more details- finalize decor requests, catering items, talk room layout etc.

  • Our third call is to finalize the day of timeline and confirm the ceremony order. During this call, I also schedule the venue walk through and rehearsal with my couple and follow up with any questions the hired wedding team may have to make sure all of the couples requests will be met on wedding day.

  • The final planning meeting is generally at the venue along with other members of the wedding team. At this point, any final details that can be confirmed are discussed.

My personal favorite part of the process is creating the day of timeline! I look at it like putting together the pieces of an intricate puzzle and once it all comes together, it’s gonna be magical!

It also allows me to flex my analytical brain muscles, which are just as important in this job as my creative muscles! By being as detailed as possible with the timeline, I can give everyone involved in the wedding day- couple, parents, wedding team, and wedding party an insight into how weddings come together they may not otherwise see.

I have put many hours and years into creating a planning process that not only gives my wedding couples the ability to plan their wedding day with confidence and ease, but also enriches their wedding day knowing they can enjoy the day with their family and friends because my team is handling details and logistics.

If you are looking for a wedding day coordinator for your special day or want to learn more about my services, click the link here and schedule a consultation today!

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A lot of moving pieces go into planning your wedding day  and we know it's easy to feel like a hot mess! Grab our free guide to my four step process to planning your wedding like a pro! 

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A lot of moving pieces go into planning a wedding day timeline and we know it can be overwhelming! Grab our free guide to my Four Step Planning Process! 

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